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Cyclestreets.net is a brilliant little website for bicyclists. Just enter where you are and where you want to go and it will take you a proper cyclists route, tell you the distance, how quiet or otherwiseit will be and how many calories you will burn completing it.
This is extraordinary. You can actually choose a route to avoid unnecessary hills. Excellent for the part-time cyclist!

Bicycle Shops or Bicycle Accessories Outlets or Cycle Repairers

Cycle King Colchester

46A East St, Colchester CO1 2TG, UK – 01206 867756

Not the greatest of experiences, going somewhere else now. Like said before by other reviewers: the staff didn't really know their stuff, wanted to charge you extra for things that should be included in a service that is advertised on their website - prices was also different to what is on their website. Also one REALLY annoying thing is that you can't book in your bike. You drop it off and they get to it when they get to it, so it will just end up standing in their shop till its next on the list. If you are dependent on your bike to get around (like a student) or you have a big event coming up, this is definitely not the place to go. If you have an entry level bike and it just needs some TLC for the good weather and you don't care too much when you get it back and wouldn't mind being told a different price to whats on the website, this place isn't so bad. PS: Still better that Halfords

Was really pleased with service at first, a spoke on my wheel snapped so phoned up and they seemed really helpful and suggested I came down so I did. They agreed to put a new spoke in and straighten the wheel for 14.99 which seemed reasonable and as they could it there and then (come back collect in a couple of hours) which I was happy with. I collected the wheel and they had done a really good I thought! I asked the guy to check all the spokes and he said he had anyways I was excited to get back on the bike so I put the wheel in and went on a ride well 5miles later another spoke has broken. I decieded to google it and all the web forums said it is domino effect and once goes they all go unless the wheel is rebuilt or all the spokes are loosened and started again! Anyways I'm not an expert but I just feel I've wasted £14.99 and im in the same position I was in earlier on today!!

Colchester Cycle Stores

50 St John's St, Colchester CO2 7AD, UK – 01206 563890

Great place run by knowledgeable enthusiasts. Brian got me back on the road with an emergency brake repair, whilst on tour from London. The shop is brilliant. An Aladdin's cave of vintage, good value budget (Orbea) and high specced machines. I wish there were more places like this still around. Recommended.

I have a love-hate relationship with this place. Brian Lewes, the owner, is a genuine and knowledgeable man and I would recommend this place based on that. Sadly, there is a certain level of disorganisation here. Staff often fail to communicate with one another, and it seems that work carried out here can vary in quality, as if some of the mechanics are good, and some do not really know their stuff, or staff tell you they don't have something in stock when they do. I would consider buying a new bike here myself, and do send friends here, but only because I then check it over after purchase (and sometimes put things right). One of the good things about this place is that the shop is a proper shop with stock you can LOOK at, rather than everything needing to be ordered in (which, given the efficiency of the ordering-in process is just as well). One of the two bike shops I use in Colchester. There seems to be a very fair first-come-first-served approach to customers which can be a nuisance when you just want to buy an inner tube and the customer in front is discussing a three-speed hub repair for ten minutes, but at least it shows they have time for people. As I said, it's all love-hate.

Globe G Sports

56 Military Rd, Colchester CO1 2AN, UK – 01206 502502

Great service, REALLY helpful. Respected my budget & didn't try to push for extras

Thank you for your help with purchasing a bike! Can’t wait to get out and enjoy riding it!

Cycle Hire

Cycle Revolution

Peartree Business Centre, Peartree Rd, Stanway, Colchester CO3 0JN, UK – 01206 764545

I brought my new Giant at the Ipswich store and then booked a bike fit at the shop in Colchester. I have to say the bike fit was excellent. Graham is highly experienced and a master of this. It was a whole new learning experience for me but he explained every part and at the end of a three hour session I have already noticed a difference in my ability to ride more efficiently and comfortably. I would recommend this to anybody if they want to be comfortable on their dream machine. Cycle Revolution also uses the latest technology and information and the staff a very personable and understanding.

After finding a fault with a Giant cycle I had purchased else where, cycle Rev’s have been amazing in there help in getting the fault sort and sorting me with an upgrade! Above and beyond the expected service I had hoped for! 5* see you all soon thank you team cycle Rev’s Ipswich


B, Cowdray Ave, Colchester CO1 1YN, UK – 01206 763725

We are on a big cycle tour and had to get a broken spoke fixed. It was Sunday afternoon and we were not too hopeful to get it done soon, but then we phoned here and were told they could fix it! And the super nice bike mechanic did a great repair job in less than twenty minutes! Thank you for the great service!

Bikes, and vehicle bits and bobs. Reliable store and been going forever. Website good too

Globe G Sports

56 Military Rd, Colchester CO1 2AN, UK – 01206 502502

Great service, REALLY helpful. Respected my budget & didn't try to push for extras

Thank you for your help with purchasing a bike! Can’t wait to get out and enjoy riding it!

Bicycling Safety Video

Lots of little tips you might not have thought of - from Ireland.