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Frequently asked questions asked by parents looking for the best schools near Colchester

How do I find out what schools are available around Colchester? 

There are some frighteningly frank websites for you to choose from. The Government one is compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk. You simply enter your location, perhaps Colchester, or another location and select primary schools or secondary schools. All the information parents need all there in percentages!

You could also try the paid for websites like www.schoolguide.co.uk . This one is quite cheap and you can pay monthly.

This is of course just the very first stage in selecting a school. You will to need see the videos on this page before even thinking of visiting the shortlist of schools on your list.

How do I find the state school catchment area in or around Colchester? 
If you just need to know your school catchment area try www.admissionsday.co.uk .If you are looking for exhaustive information on the schools as well go to www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk

How do I find out how good a school is?
You will absolutely have to visit the school. However, do look at the video below. For armed is to be fore warned!

Nursery Schools

What's the difference between nursery and preschool? 
Preschools usually work around a formal curriculum and trained teachers - making them a little more expensive! Nursery schools are usually a more relaxed learning environment and more flexible enrolment terms. They are also cheaper and vary greatly.

What age is a preschooler? Ages up to 4 is considered preschooler with toddlers are 1 - 3 year old bracket. Basically 4-year-old are not 'toddling' around any more and so are no longer toddlers!

What does preschool mean? A preschool, or nursery school, is a pre-primary school, or play school for early childhood education. Preschool is for children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. 

Is Pre K considered preschool? Pre K schools are pre-kindergartens.

This page should help you answer these school finding questions!


Local Area Creches and Day Nurseries for CO2
Click also to find: Childcare Services, Nursery Schools, After School Care

PreSchools and Playgroups for Colchester

The Beeches Pre School

136 St Andrew's Ave, Colchester CO4 3AQ, UK – 01206 866615

Is a good school for your young child to go to

St Stephen's Pre-school

St Stephen's Church Centre, Canterbury Rd, Colchester CO2 7RY, UK – 07534 911918

The preschool is very welcoming and the team is friendly and hospitable. The kids have fun and have many hands on activities. I love to receive mail/photos/videos about his weekly tasks. Many thanks for your support and patience.

Montgomery Infant School and Nursery

Baronswood Way, Colchester CO2 9QG, UK – 01206 570231

The best school in all Essex !!!

After School Care

CoCoCare Ltd.

2 London Rd, Lexden, Colchester CO3 4DE, UK – 01206 912021

The atmosphere at cococare is sensational, the internet can be a bit slow at times but I don’t mind, all the staff are really friendly and the activities and the day trips are really fun.

Awesome service provided by dedicated, friendly staff

SD Mixed Martial Arts

Adrenalyze Leisure, 259 Greenstead Road, Colchester CO1 2SJ, UK – 01206 860008

Awesome dojo great Jiu Jitsu lessons!

Colchester High School & Nursery

15 Wellesley Rd, Colchester CO3 3HD, UK – 01206 573389

Colchester High School recognises and celebrates the brilliance of each individual child. Staff really care about the children and academically they help pupils to grow in confidence while challenging them to be the best they can. The site is a typical town centre venue so doesn’t have the spacious surroundings, grounds or parking of some private schools, but look past this and you will find a hidden gem of a school. My kids love it!

My daughter recently started at the High School in Reception and I can already see a difference in her- she’s so much more confident in herself and her academic progress has been remarkable. The staff have been very welcoming and the communication with parents is first class. The children are being given a really well rounded education and my daughter always comes home with lots of positive stories about her friends and the things she has learnt. I highly recommend this school!

Choosing a school around Colchester. This is an Australian video but has some really good Tips!

Colchester Independent Schools - Prep & Secondary - for Colchester

Independent Schools for Colchester - private preparatory and senior schools. Prep schools age 8 yrs to 11yrs or 13 yrs. Senior schools age 11yrs or 13 yrs to 18yrs. Some independent schools have a pre-prep department (age 3 to 8yrs) as well as prep and senior schools. Independent schools can be co-educational or single sex.

Best Colchester Secondary Schools -

Lexden Springs School

Halstead Rd, Colchester CO3 9AB, UK – 01206 563321

Lively vibrant staff and children. Brilliant plays and performances, so much energy, colour and fun in one place!

Great school great resources, due to move to winstree road sept 2019 to new purpose build school

Colchester County High School for Girls

Norman Way, Colchester CO3 3US, UK – 01206 576973

i like glucose stored as body fat for energy and I like when my white blood cells attack pathogens in my body... Cum on my Gorilla’s Bum

Thomas Lord Audley School

Monkwick Ave, Colchester CO2 8NJ, UK – 01206 547911

The teachers are some of the best teachers in the whole of Colchester, the higher ups of the school on the other hand should rethink their stratergy on "controling the bad kids" by not bloody rewarding them with paintball for being good for 2 weeks. Its complete bull.

Independent Schools

St Mary's School

91 Lexden Rd, Colchester CO3 3RB, UK – 01206 572544

An amazing school. I love it loads

Brilliant school exceptionally well run with dedicated teachers. Maintaining high standards of learning and fully appropriate behaviour in a modern world. My daughter had and now my grand daughters also will benefit from this experience. Thank you, St Mary's.

Colchester High School (Sixth Form)

28A Creffield Rd, Colchester CO3 3HY, UK

Loved it

Monkwick Infant School & Nursery

School Rd, Colchester CO2 8NN, UK – 01206 573849

Very good over all. However had problems with bullying that the school refused to help with so had to talk to the child's parents myself to stop it.

Local Authority Schools - Primary & Secondary Schools

Local Authority primary and secondary schools for CO2 9LX . LEA primary schools age 4yrs (the year in which a child is 5) to 11yrs. Secondary schools age 11yrs to 16yrs or 18 yrs. Each school has a local catchment area.

Primary Schools

Home Farm Primary School

Shelley Rd, Colchester CO3 4JL, UK – 01206 577430

A school with a swimming pool!

An amazing school with 'Outstanding' Ofsted reports.

Kendall Primary School

Recreation Rd, Colchester CO1 2HH, UK – 01206 794634

I went to this school for 6years and left recently but I love it :-) hopefully this schools meals taste better lol and I recommend this school very much love everyone's Passion and I pray that the school has a great future ;-)

Great standard of education.

Gosbecks Primary School

Owen Ward Cl, Colchester CO2 9DG, UK – 01206 575407

Very good primary school

Cool. Really cool. Awesome Amazing. Stunning

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Ofsted reports directly to Parliament and is independent and impartial, inspecting and regulating services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

Click for the full database of OFSTED's inspection reports - check out schools in CO2 or anywhere in the country.
GetTheRightSchool was formed to offer a unique reference point on getting your child into the school of your choice. The web site covers all you need to about education choices with tips and a guide to the application process and issues that could impact your child's school day, from dealing with bullying, to money issues, to how to work out school catchment areas when they move schools.
Independent Schools Council Website - has a search facility: by county, school or postcode. The ISC brings together eight associations of independent schools, their heads, bursars and governors and represents over 1,200 independent schools in the UK and overseas.
Schools Web Directory - lists all UK local education authorities with a click-through to their websites. Each Local Authority has lists of its own schools and details of application procedures.
Contact details & Websites of 4,065 Schools in Ireland - search by map or county list
Lists more than 31,000 UK state and independent schools and colleges, including over 26,000 UK School, College and University Websites. Search for schools or search for educational establishments anywhere in the UK by geographical county, postcode, name or LEA.

BBC Live Educational News

Wilfred Owen and Philip Larkin GCSE removal 'cultural vandalism'

The poets are not part of a new GCSE poetry anthology drawn up by an exam board.

Liverpool school renames houses over slave trade links

The Blue Coat School in Liverpool says the house titles "were not reflective of the modern world".

Dogs: Llandeilo Primary School uses pets to help pupils

A headteacher uses her pet to help children regulate their emotions in school.

Polio virus detected in London sewage samples

Health officials say parents should ensure their children have been vaccinated against the disease.

Dyslexia support centres
Click also to find: Education Agencies & Authorities, Schools - Independent & Preparatory
Special schools for Colchester for moderate to severe learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism, Physical impairment, complex health needs, communication difficulties, dyspraxia and other special needs.

Special Needs Schools around you

Kingswode Hoe School

18 Sussex Rd, Colchester CO3 3QJ, UK – 01206 576408

This school has been the best all the staff ask how you are there very caring and on trips protected BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!😎😎😆😆☺

i go to this school and i love it the best and all the staff are very kind and they will always ask how you are

Lexden Primary School

Trafalgar Rd, Lexden, Colchester CO3 9AS, UK – 01206 573519

the most amazing school anyone could go there the teachers are brilliant and so is the new head the office is good and there isn't a cut or bruise that they cant do and there is very rare things that they can't do.

Great primary school. I can't speak for the current management, but the school grounds are very well maintained and there's an awfully large field.

Lexden Springs School

Halstead Rd, Colchester CO3 9AB, UK – 01206 563321

Lively vibrant staff and children. Brilliant plays and performances, so much energy, colour and fun in one place!

Great school great resources, due to move to winstree road sept 2019 to new purpose build school

Website with facility to search for many different kinds of special needs schools and links to lots of support groups.  Find a special needs school near Colchester or search the website for special schools throughout the UK

Adult Education Centres for CO2 - Language Tuition

Adult Education Centres for Colchester which may run evening or daytime language classes

Adult Education

Colchester Institute

Sheepen Rd, Colchester CO3 3LL, UK – 01206 712000

Beautiful food, it's improved! They have vegan choices. Need more veggies!

Fantastic food. They do a lovely fish and chips on a Friday

Jesters Theatre Academy

36 Collingwood Rd, Colchester CO3 9AU, UK – 01206 524115

My son loved every minute of being a Broadway Baby and is now a Junior Jester and is excited to be in his 3rd show with them. Great fun!

Dave's Gymnastics Academy

8 Commerce Way, Colchester CO2 8HR, UK – 01206 797288

Took my daughter here for trail today. She loved it. Staff were really friendly. Very encouraging. Clearly supported and helped her with all trial session. The place itself is clean and spacious with very professional staff. My daughter can't wait to go back😊

Please don't rely on 1 star reviews without any constructive feedback! Our daughter has been a member of DGA team for over 3 years now. Their coaches are friendly and well trained. The children train in clean and safe environment. in recreational classes they work towards their proficiency awards and if your child shows prospect they will be given the opportunity to join the squad. equally children that prefer to do it recreational will still be supported and will learn new skills all the time. Dga has a person centred approach which means your child will learn new skills and improve existing skills at their own pace. if you are looking for a safe and most of all clean environment, give them a call and book your trial in. you wont regret it.

Language Schools

Colchester English Study Centre

19 Lexden Rd, Colchester CO3 3PW, UK – 01206 544422

Very very good i love it so


Connect To English

99 Mersea Rd, Colchester CO2 7RA, UK – 01206 504277

La Jolie Ronde Languages For Children

17 Wellesley Rd, Colchester CO3 3HD, UK – 01206 299566

Language Schools for Colchester

Language schools for CO2. Also consider Adult Education Centres which might run evening language classes

Private Tutors for Colchester

Private Tuition for CO2
Click also to find: Language Schools, Translators & Interpreters

Private Tutors

ILM Tuition Centre

66 Barrack St, Colchester CO1 2LS, UK – 01206 700907

ILM Tuition Centre is a great place to learn outside school as it provides quality tuition at very reasonable prices. All the teachers are very friendly, supportive and professional. My brother went here and he did very well in his 11+ exams. I would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking into extra lessons outside school, whether it be to get into selective schools or do well in GCSEs and A-levels.

Both my daughter and son attend here and their performance in school boosted quite noticeably. They always send children home with rich homeworks and plenty of materials get taught in classes as well. Teachers are both well qualified and friendly

Abbey Tutor

65 Abbey Field View, Colchester CO2 7US, UK – 07538 653449

Caroline McCain

25 Wellesley Rd, Colchester CO3 3HE, UK – 01206 521647